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28-30 September 2018
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Album Review | Thirsty – Nomad

Whisperinandhollerin Review of the new Thirsty EP – Nomad

Album Review | THIRSTY – Nomad

Get Ready to ROCK! Review of the new Thirsty EP – Nomad


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Facebook "1st track off his last album, mixed by Chris Kimsey. ❤️

-Jon Carin

(19 August 1939 – 6 October 2019)

Facebook “Cactus World News Urban Beaches album hanging beside Sinead in Irish Rock n Roll museum. What you are looking at here is the original cover for the Urban Beaches record, it was photographed by Brian Griffen who shot the Echo and the Bunnymen covers among others. The location was a disused Radar (or microwave) reflector on Howth hill. A different cover was used for MCA Records in USA. Produced by Chris Kimsey I listened to the album today not having heard it in ages, It hasn’t aged, it still sounds fresh and way ahead of it’s time.”

Frank Kearns