Flare Voyant presents multinational rock with “Industry of Cool”

Produced by Chris KIMSEY
Recorded and Mixed by George MURPHY
Mastered by Chris KIMSEY

By Lucas Borges

Enthusiastic about the aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s (despite being only 21 years old), the musician Rod Bourganos was part of an internet group whose subject matter was “psychedelic clothing”. One of the members of the class was a Russian writer who was a friend of Bourganos who, coincidentally, met another longtime artist, Frenchman Thomas Baignères, 23.

Bourganos and Baignères were introduced and some time later came the rock band Flare Voyant, the legitimate daughter of an increasingly borderless world. “It’s a very modern thing, a reflection of globalization, something that would not have been possible until recently,” says the Brazilian.

He had already started the song called Flare Voyant well before the project became international, recording the first songs alongside the also young drummer Lucas Roxo, 23. In 2015, Bourganos left in São Paulo the other band of which it participates – Bombay Groovy, whose first record had Roxo’s participation – to study in France and took along with him the material produced with the drummer.

“We met early in my stay in Paris and started doing everything,” says the guitarist and sitarist about the European partner. “Thomas is a musician and poet, he has books written for poetry, he’s a dandy, he has already opened the show for Pete Doherty, from Libertines, for Stones’ Mick Taylor.”

with Flare Voyant at OlympicThe Brazilian’s empathy for Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin joined Baignères’s appreciation of the Rolling Stones’ legendary Brits and resulted in a traditional, “European-like” ropesman. “We have the weight of Zeppelin with the irreverence of the Stones.”

The UK is where the band plans to set up, looking for local artists to join the multi-ethnic musical cauldron. They also want a British label to release the album, whose nine tracks are already recorded. The first single is “Industry of Cool”, exclusively released by Sobe o Som .

“It’s a song that has a traditional rock format, it’s one of the most direct on the record. It’s based on a phrase from the film Almost Famous , from Lester Bangs, a character that really existed,” explains Bourganos. Guitar in the song.

“They ruined rock and roll, it used to be all about music until it was sold,” says the lyrics sung in English by Baignères, accompanied by drumming and percussion by Roxo, bass by Erico Jones and hammond and piano Rhodes Scored by Greg Sá Bach.

While the album does not go out, Flare Voyant is getting ready, part of the band in Brazil and another in France, for the first live engagement, in January 2016. Fate is unpredictable as the group. “A Japanese retro fashion brand will celebrate ten years and called us to play with Japanese musicians we have not even met in Tokyo!”

Author: Peel

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