ThirstyThirsty is a collection of songs grounded in the classic pop/rock format with thematic elements from arthouse, psychedelic and alternative music.  Thirsty began as a songwriting collaboration between an English rock musician, Guy Bailey (founder of The Quireboys) and a Russian poet, Irina D.

The songs started with original lyrical and thematic material created by Irina which was set to music composed by Guy; and then recorded during all night sessions in his South London recording studio with the backing of some of England’s most accomplished rock musicians, including:

Simon Hanson – drums (Death in Vegas, Squeeze)

Chris Johnstone – (The Quireboys)

Lynne Jackaman – backing vocals (Saint Jude).

The project gained significant momentum with the support and guidance of legendary Rolling Stones’ producer, Chris Kimsey, whose unique gifts and sensibilities helped to shape each of the tracks into a complete and finished body of work.




– This article is taken from the bands website