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Bird Album ReviewJanie Price is the mind, voice and cello (!) behind Bird.  A London-based singer-songwriter, she now graces us with her third album, Figments Of Our Imagination.  Most alluringly about this CD is that Ms. Price plays all the instruments on the album, which was produced by Chris Kimsey (who you may know from his being behind the board for the Stones – yes, those Stones). Ten original songs; all of which have an interesting array of textures, colors and melodies.  On my initial listen, I felt a sense of (a recurring theme) early ’80’s influences – the groove; the electronic timbre – but it all works deliciously.

Starting with “Girl Can’t Decide”, which is a mellow yet funky track, you can’t help but be enveloped by Janie Price’s voice and the pure pop structure – a fine beginning.  “Thrill Me” has a Berlin-like feel (think “The Metro”); dark, buoyant keyboard touches and brisk pace; “The Dare” has a brightness, offset by the tension that builds until the chorus, which lifts the song and “Stereotype” is a poppier number, built around a strict-time rhythm, cello and piano with glorious harmonies on the chorus.  “Love Love Love” is a sweetly restrained and yet dramatically sculpted track that has a ’60’s classic-ness about it; “Hypnotise” bubbles into pure pop bliss and is (to me) the album’s standout and “Think So” rollicks along with an acoustic guitar-sounding strum that breezes the album to its conclusion.

A very good, solid effort – good songwriting, pleasing to ear vocals and suddenly, I have a new favorite album of the month.  Her name is Janie Price and you’ll want to remember her, this high flying Bird.


Figments Of Our Imagination is available as of Friday, August 14, 2015.

This review was written by Rob Ross.

Rob Ross has been, for good, bad or indifferent, involved in the music industry for over 30 years – first as guitarist/singer/songwriter with The Punch Line, then as freelance journalist, producer and manager to working for independent and major record labels. He resides in Staten Island, New York with his wife and cats; he works out a lot, reads voraciously, loves Big Star and his orange Gretsch. Doesn’t that make him neat?