After covering the Rolling Stones in the 1990s, Rich Cohen worked with Mick Jagger on what became the HBO series Vinyl. In an adaptation from his book on the Stones, he shares a close-up of the band, and the friendship behind it.


Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, on their European Urban Jungle Tour, 1990. By Claude Gassian.


In 1994, when I was 26, working as a reporter for Rolling Stone, I went on the road with “The World’s Greatest Rock Band.” For me, it was like falling into the diorama. Just like that, I was on the other side of the glass with Mick, Charlie, Keith, and Ronnie, in the hotel rooms, on the airplane, watching the band play from the wings, even from the stage itself. In one case, Mick Jagger introduced me to Bruce Springsteen as “my good friend.” In another, Keith, sweat-soaked and wheezing as we rushed away from a gig, smiled at me and, quoting Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, said, “Put my robe on right! Put on my robe!”

I watched the Stones rehearse in a middle-school gym. I talked Chicago and jazz with Charlie Watts in a hotel suite. I drank whiskey with Ron Wood and the sax player Bobby Keys when they got word that a friend of ….. read full article here


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