Growing up as a young teenager in North Carolina I had never paid much attention to music, but like most musicians, there was a seminal moment that ignited a fire from within. For me, that moment was in 1976 when Peter Frampton released “Frampton Comes Alive. It was my first album that I ever owned and after hearing Peter’s music I just knew that I wanted to become a guitarist and musician. Soon after I was fortunate enough to buy an Ibanez Les Paul guitar and a small amp.

Years later in 2010, I met Peter Frampton backstage after one of his concerts in Beaver Creek Colorado. While meeting Peter I told him that I was doing some recording and I asked him who did a lot of his work and he told me about Chris Kimsey. A few years later I contacted Chris Kimsey and asked if he would work with me and Chris and I have been working together on music ever since.

Chris helped me produce my first and recent album called “London Town.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person in London to work on the album. Chris did a phenomenal job for me on the album and essentially produced the album. Now we are working on my second album titled “Politico” which will be released in November 2020.

Thanks so much, Chris. But I really owe everything to you. You were kind and gracious enough to begin working with me and coaching me and I will never be able begin to express in words what you have done for me. I truly respect you. Not only for your great talent, experience, and expertise but also for your character and integrity. You are a great person Chris and I am so thankful to know you and have you as my mentor and friend.