Chris Kimsey is working with David Lowe on the musical theme for the Listen Campaign which recently launched in 2022.

David’s music fronts some of the most popular shows on British TV today – BBC News, as well as The One Show, Countryfile, Panorama and Grand Designs. Internationally he has created brand identities for Bloomberg TV USA, Euronews France, CCTV China, Al Arabiya, Abu Dhabi TV, NDTV India and TV2 Norway.

He’s composed extensively for advertising, including the themes for Santander Bank, HSBC, British Airways and Barclays.

He is well known for his hit single “Would You…?” which was a top 3 hit. The follow up single ‘Straight…to Number One’ was chosen by Apple to launch the iTunes site in the USA, where every track on the follow Touch and Go album has been used in films, television and/or commercials.

David has been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Staffordshire and Birmingham City Universities, and is a member of British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters (BASCA).

What is The Listen Campaign?

The Listen Campaign is designed to illuminate the problems faced by the world’s one billion vulnerable and severely disadvantaged children.

Combating the scourges of poverty, disease, pollution, climate change, war, conflict, exploitation, and racism, this is a campaign about children telling their own stories in their own words: providing a truly global and unique perspective of their needs.
In year one, The Listen Charity will focus on supporting 75 projects from the world’s top children’s charities.


Visit the official Listen Campaign website

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