On a remote Caribbean island, under the shadow of an active volcano, the world’s biggest recording artists made music and myth that defined an era. Built by Beatles’ producer Sir George Martin, AIR Studios Montserrat was a state-of-the-art recording facility tucked away on a Caribbean paradise. In the shadow of an active volcano, the studio was the birthplace of mega-hits such as Money for Nothing and Every Breath You Take. Through personal accounts, never-before-seen footage ad backed by a blistering soundtrack, Under the Volcano is the definitive account of the place that stumbled upon the perfect storm of talent, technology, and isolation, creating music that would live on long after the last tape rolled. 

Several people who worked behind the scenes with the artists at AIR Studio Montserrat are also interviewed. They include music producers Chris Thomas, Neil Dorfsman, Ian Little, and Chris Kimsey, as well as sound balance engineer Michael Paul Stavrou.