In November 2015, British and European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, flew to the International Space Station where he is currently living and working as a scientist for six months. Peake is a big fan of the British neo-progressive rock band Marillion and recently quoted lyrics from the bands guitar-led rock ballad “Kayleigh” in a tweet from his temporary extraterrestrial residence.

“Kayleigh,” which reached number two in the UK, is from Marillion’s third studio album Misplaced Childhood.

marillion-albumRecorded during the spring of 1985 at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin and produced by Chris Kimsey, Misplaced Childhood has been the group’s most successful album to date, peaking immediately at number one in the UK charts, spending a total of 41 weeks on the chart, and ultimately gaining the Platinum status. It features Marillion’s two most successful singles, “Kayleigh” and piano-led “Lavender” which peaked at number five.

EMI are filming a documentary about the making of the Misplaced Childhood album at Realworld studios. Chris Kimsey and the band will be playing with the original multitrack tape that was recorded in Hansa Studios Berlin back in 1985.