Chris Kimsey is producing and mixing new album from No 1 Australian wonders SHORT STACK. ย 

Short StackShaun Diviney, Andrew Clemmensen & Bradie Webb are three friends who met in high school and started a band. Working their way up from local punk rock shows & sleeping on friends couches to #1 albums, sold out headlining tours, platinum records & the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, it is undeniable Short Stack are one of the most influential Australian bands in the last decade, if not ever.

After a brief break up in 2012 (due to a Fresh Prince of Bel Air related argument), the boys are back in town and better then ever. The band’s resurrection and new Single television occurred on april 13 2014, just 1981 years and one week after jesus himself was resurrected. coincidence? we’ll let you be the judge ๐Ÿ˜‰

Short Stack have secretly been working on their 3rd Studio Album entitled Homecoming for almost a year now and it’s f!@#$g sick. You’re gonna love it.

– This article is taken from the bands Facebook page.