Record producer Chris Kimsey teams up with Russ Andrews and Rupert Neve Designs to revolutionize his studio work.

Russ Andrews is delighted to welcome Chris Kimsey, one of the most respected record producers and engineers, as endorsee of the Rupert Neve RNHP headphone amplifier with Russ Andrews ‘The Supplier’ power supply, YellO Power mains cables and Kimber Axios headphone cable, which he is using extensively for mixing and mastering major artists’ work.

Chris Kimsey has been in the recording industry for over 45 years and has worked with over 100 artists. His client roster reads like a who’s who of the biggest names in music, going back to his time as engineer on Led Zeppelin III in 1970 and Sticky Fingers from The Rolling Stones in 1971. Since then he has worked in the capacity of engineer, assistant producer and producer on 15 Rolling Stones releases over 25 years (including Some Girls, Steel Wheels and Forty Licks) and also produced for such luminaries as: Emerson Lake & Palmer (Brain Salad Surgery); Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive); The Cult (Dreamtime); Marillion (Misplaced Childhood); Duran Duran (Liberty); Tom Jones (Gimme Shelter); INXS (Full Moon Dirty Hearts); Deacon Blue (Our Town); plus Elton John, Ray Davies and Phil Collins to name but a few.
He started his career at the legendary Olympic Studios in Barnes, London, and now has returned there to oversee the rebuilding of the studio under its new ownership. He has designed the new facility, which is currently under construction, and was responsible for the Dolby Atmos sound installation in the Olympic Studios boutique cinema complex.

Chris has always enjoyed working with Rupert Neve analogue mixing consoles and so leapt at the opportunity to try out the Rupert Neve RNHP headphone amplifier, distributed by Russ Andrews.

His instant response was to say, “I certainly was not disappointed. Given Rupert’s reputation I have to admit that expectations were high but even so, I really didn’t expect it to be this good. I absolutely love the Neve headphone amp! I have already mastered three EPs and mixed an album. It goes without saying that in my job you need to be confident in what you’re listening to and the way the RNHP manages to present the music so accurately, in such a natural way, is very impressive indeed. I cannot work without it now!”

Delighted by Chris’ reaction to the amplifier, Russ Andrews then provided the company’s own external power supply, ‘The Supplier’, a YellO Power mains cable and the Kimber Kable Axios headphone cable for him to try with the RNHP heaphone amp. The reaction was similarly enthusiastic, with Kimsey saying, “You know how much I already rated this amp and adding the Supplier, the YellO and the Axios cable has just made it better. It’s lifted the performance of the Neve right across the board so that it’s giving a lot more of what it was already doing. I couldn’t be happier!” He concludes by saying, “I truly cannot believe how much this has changed my working attitude and listening enjoyment”.

Rupert Neve& Russ AndrewsThe RNHP is designed by Rupert Neve, a legend in the world of professional studio equipment. He designed and manufactured mixing consoles for some of the biggest names in the recording business, including George Martin and AIR Studios. The headphone amplifier has been designed for use in studios and homes for tracking, mixing and listening to music. Based on the headphone circuit in the company’s 5060 Centerpiece Desktop Mixer, the RHNP is a dedicated reference-quality headphone amplifier. It is available in the UK for audiophiles direct from Russ Andrews for £469.

Used in conjunction with ‘The Supplier’ – a Russ Andrews designed replacement power supply for popular hi-fi products – along with the YellO Power mains and Axios headphone cables, the already superb musical performance of the RNHP headphone amp is dramatically improved, as confirmed and endorsed by Chris Kimsey. The Supplier is available for £449, 1m YellO Power for £60 and Kimber Axios from £698 for 1.2m.

John Armer, managing director of Russ Andrews, comments “We are truly delighted to welcome Chris Kimsey as an endorsee. It is extremely gratifying to hear his incredibly enthusiastic reaction to the products and how they are helping him in his professional life.” He adds, “For our audiophile customers, the RNHP, ‘The Supplier’, YellO Power and Kimber Axios combination provide a fantastic opportunity to experience their music sounding as good as it does for one of the biggest names in the music industry.”

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