Thirsty AlbumAs Monty Python would say…And now for something completely different. I’m talking about the new mini-album from alternative rock band Thirsty. Thirsty was founded by Guy Bailey (former guitarist and founding member of the Quireboys) and Russian poet Irina D. That’s already starting to sound a bit unusual, but for this release, a mini-album that follows their second album, things have got even more unusual – they’ve done it in conjunction with a Chilean artist, Pato Bosich. Rather than just use his art on the album cover, the’ve made two videos where the music of Thirsty is paired with stop-motion visuals of Pato Bosich’s art. While the music is great by itself, the combination of the music and the visuals works fantastically well and really enhances the experience. So, what about the music itself? Well “Alternative rock” doesnt really give much of a clue as it is such a broad genre, and having listened to the album several times I’m still not sure quite how to describe it. Think Lou Reed, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd all thrown into a mixng bowl – the result is this mini album, “Nomad”. Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones are probably the two I’d pick out as the stronger influences It’s a fantastic release – it’s definitely rock and very good rock at that, but it’s not like any other band you’ll hear around, and that is probably why I like it so much – the fact it stands out from the ordinary. The album is only available on vinyl, but if you’ve got a turntable then I’d definitely recommend this album – it’s a really impressive album and has that rare quality of still having a unique sound. Nomad will be released on 31st August 2018 via Thirsty Music Track listing: 1. Mercury rising 2. Even keel 3. Solar 4. Small talk 5. Albatross (remix) 6. Green grass