The English translation of the book “The Blues Queen” has finally arrived!!!🔥🤩📚 I am so happy about this one, as finally my fans and friends abroad can read my book too! 😄 I tell you it was quite a trip to tell my stories, understand about some things afterwards, go back to memories.. most of them good ones, like recording sessions with Chris Kimsey in London, but also some tougher times, trying to find your place in this life. So yes, it was an experience of doing your own biography, phew! 😅

Anyway, here it is, in English, translated by Michael Majalahti, written by Mape J. Ollila, published by Docendo !! And now you can get yourself something to read for the Christmas holidays!! The book also has plenty of pictures, most of them by fans and professional photographers and some from my private collection📸 It’s a hard copy, very good quality, and will last for decades.. like hopefully, I will too! 😅 Happy reading! 😘