As I Look Back is a compilation of recently uncovered songs by singer-songwriter Kristi Kimsey that were recorded between 1977 and 1979 in three different countries.

Almost all of the tracks were recorded in 1978 at Longview Farm Studios in Massachusetts with the exception of Let’s Go Steady Again which was recorded in 1979 at Compass Point Studios in Nassau Bahamas and Trying To Get Back To You (Hook End) which was recorded in 1977 by Alvin Lee at his Space Studios in Hook End, UK.

Alvin and Mick Ralphs walked into the studio while I was singing and playing the piano and said ‘Let’s record this now!’

The core musicians for the 9-song EP were: Kristy on vocals & acoustic guitar, Frank Carillo on electric & acoustic guitar, David Donen on drums & percussion, Kevin Keane on bass, Jan Fairchild on keyboards, and Kristi’s husband Chris Kimsey playing percussion – as well as producing the project.

Ollie Clark played lead guitar and Mick Ralphs played guitar and organ on the Hook End version of Trying To Get Back To You.

Everything was cut live with very few overdubs. It was such a thrill to hear my songs come to life with wonderful talented musicians.

All songs on the album were written by Kristi Kimsey herself except for Sweet Elvis, which she co-wrote with Frank Carillo and Chris Kimsey, and Let’s Go Steady Again which was written by James W. Alexander (Abkco Music Inc.). The later features a duet of Kristi with Keith Richards who appears courtesy of Mindless Records LLC.

At Compass Point Studios, Keith invited me to sing
‘Let’s Go Steady Again’ with him, which was a one-take wonder!

Cassette tapes from these sessions were recently tracked down by Chris Kimsey. He has now mastered them for release on his new record label Undercover Music.

As I Look Back is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, and all other major platforms.

Album Liner Notes

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