The new cinema at Selfridges might be the chicest place to watch a movie in London

By Ed Gibbs |

This Friday, Selfridges adds a cinema to its formidable array of departments, concessions and that terrifying skate bowl in menswear. Located in the bit of the basement that once housed HMV, it comes complete with three state-of-the-art screens, a cocktail lounge and a private members bit. To kick off, ‘Frozen II’ and ‘Le Mans ’66’ will be screening.

Olympic Studios founder Stephen Burdge, the man behind the project, has plenty of previous in cinematic transformations. He turned Barnes’s Olympic Studios – once frequented by Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones – into a community cinema, and fitted Archlight’s three snug screens into the railway arches at Battersea Power Station. ‘We like interesting spaces and iconic buildings,’ he says. ‘Our USP is sound and we’ve come to Selfridges with the same recording-studio-quality speakers.’ Prepare for Elsa’s icy powers to translate into a serious sonic boom. .

Photograph: Matt Writtle

As Burdge explains, no stone has been left unturned in ensuring the best cinemagoing experience. ‘Like at our other sites, we’re using the comfiest Norwegian reclining seats.’ Even your bag of popcorn will have been mulled over at length. ‘We’ve spent a lot of time finding bags that don’t rustle and food that doesn’t smell.’.

Photograph: Matt Writtle

The Cinema at Selfridges – first trialled in store as a pop-up five years ago – will boast a 70-seat main screen, with a second 59-seater and a third 28-seater as well. Rows of chairs will be curved in line with each screen. Dolby Atmos and laser projection will be fitted throughout, with facilities to screen 35mm. The programming will be a mix of ‘strongly independent and good commercial’. ‘When you’re in there, we want it to be about the film,’ says Burdge. ‘Everything else just adds to it.’ .

By Ed Gibbs |

Chris Kimsey and Olympic Studios owner, Stephen Burdge put a lot of thought into creating an immersive, state-of-the-art sound system for the Cinema at Selfridges

The cinema experience has evolved in recent years with very high definition visuals becoming the norm along with multi-channel surround sound.
With so much sonic information being delivered to the audience we wanted to ensure that we used the highest possible quality loudspeakers.

Flare’s Zero technology is unique, it delivers incredibly high quality immersive sound combined with the use of recycled paper and aluminium. This combination is very powerful both ecologically and aesthetically. Flare Zero is made from layers of recycled paper sandwiched in-between two beautiful plates of aluminium which itself is 100% recyclable. Great audio with a conscience.

I wanted people to see how truly different and elegant these speakers are so I have made a feature of them rather than hiding them away.
The Cinema at Selfridges is delighted to be the first to showcase this exciting audio advancement.
flare audio


The experience

The Cinema at Selfridges is our permanent cinema destination at Selfridges Oxford Street, London. Co-directed by Selfridges and Olympic Studios, we’re showing the biggest blockbusters along with classic cinema and independent films across our three screens, complete with state-of-art DOLBY ATMOS surround sound and laser projection technology. Enjoy comfy reclining seats, each with individual tables. Our underground bar makes waiting for your film to start a total joy, all served up with a delicious food and drink menu.

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The Cinema at Selfridges is located at Selfridges Oxford Street, London. Enter via our in-store entrance on LG, or via our external entrance at 40 Duke Street.

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Monday 10am – Midnight (Bar last order 11pm)
Tuesday 10am – Midnight (Bar last order 11pm)
Wednesday 10am – Midnight (Bar last order 11pm)
Thursday 10am – Midnight (Bar last order 11pm)
Friday 10am – Midnight (Bar last order 11:30pm)
Saturday 30 mins prior to the first screening – Midnight (Bar last order 11:30pm)
Sunday 30 mins prior to the first screening – Midnight (Bar last order 11pm)


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To find the car park using GPS device or an online mapping program, use the following address: Edward Mews, London W1U

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